Benefits of SpamExperts Mail Filter

Stay Protected from Spam, Virus, Phishing, and Malware Attacks

SpamExperts applies their self-learning smart technology to filter spam mail BEFORE it reaches your network.

Detect New Spam and Malware Outbreaks Immediately

You stay protected from the newest threats. SpamExperts continuously scans the web for new viruses and malware, automatically updating their software in real-time.

Never Lose an Email

If the hosting mail server becomes unreachable for any reason, SpamExperts will queue inbound email until the server becomes reachable again.

Easy Management

You can access SpamExperts at any time from your cPanel, without any registration or login required.

Stay in Control

Although SpamExperts is pre-configured to do its job without any extra tuning, SpamExperts offers a comprehensive log-search tool with advanced quarantine options. This allows you to check the status of any email which passed through our systems.

SpamExpers offers a complete set of tools to manage the filter, including attachment management, white-listing, and blacklisting tools.

Price & Availability

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Frequently Asked Questions

Enabling SpamExperts for your domain protects ALL mailboxes under that domain. SpamExperts will automatically protect any newly created mailboxes as well.

No, unfortunately SpamExperts will only be enabled for the primary domain of your hosting account.

Yes, in "Filter Settings" you can adjust the "Quarantine Threshold" of the filter system. If you disable the quarantine system, emails detected as spam will not be kept in the quarantine system, but will be delivered to your email server. Also, you can set the subject notation that is added to the subject of emails classified as "unsure" by the filtering system.


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