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Can I use e-mail service with 2MHost and Build/Host the website elsewhere?

Yes, with some important requirements.

This setup called Mail-Only Hosting, Mail-Only Hosting is when you host your website with website building platform like Wix, Squarespace, Shopify or similar and want to retain your e-mail hosting service with 2MHost.

When you sign up with Squarespace for example, they will give you several options to connect your domain name to their platform, the only option that 2MHost supports is to keep DNS managed by us and modify domain's A record to point to the builder platform IP address.

To be able to use 2MHost as mail provider you need to set up your Domain and DNS as follows:

1. Point your domain to our name servers:

→ ns1.etcnameserver.com
→ ns2.etcnameserver.com

This is the default setup if your website is already hosted by us, so no action is required. When your domain points to our name servers, 2MHost can handle any DNS modification required to use the website building platform with 2MHost mail service.

2. We will change the A record of your DNS zone to connect the domain to the website building platform IP address, we can change the www cname record too if required. The website building platform will provide you with the correct IP address to use.

3. Changing A record will stop your mail delivery so 2MHost will modify your domain's DNS zone not to interrupt your mail service.

4. Usually there are no changes required in your mail client (Outlook, iPhone, ..etc) if you are using your domain as IMAP or SMTP server then you must add the mail. prefix (use mail.yourdomain.com instead of domain.com)

5. Finally, 2MHost will change your hosting package to Mail-Only Hosting package, it's a way to let us know that your domain is using us only for mail.

That's it.

What if you want to manage DNS elsewhere?

Sometimes, users want to manage DNS zone elsewhere (domain does not use our name servers) and want to change the MX records to continue mail delivery to 2MHost. Although it's technically doable, it requires a good knowledge of DNS so we do not support it, if it happens that your mail stopped for any reason and we found your domain does not use our name servers then we will not offer any tech support for the mail issue.

Last update: Nov 03, 2022 11:45