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How do I point my domain to the 2MHost web server (change DNS)?

It's very important to point or connect your domain name to our servers once your account is set up to activate website and email. If we are your domain registrar (you bought the domain from us), then we will take that step on your behalf.

To point your domain to our server, you need to use our DNS at your registrar website.

2MHost Name Servers

You can use the following name servers for any domain you host with us


Change your domain's name servers

You can change your domain name servers at your domain registrar's website (the website where you bought your domain name from), Login and look for "DNS management", "Name Servers" or similar, and replace any existing settings with our name servers above.

Below is a list of tutorials on how to point a domain that was bought from some common registrars:

In most cases, name servers' changes will take immediate effect, but you may need to clear your DNS cache before using your website.

If you have a problem updating your domain's name servers then you can submit a ticket with your registrar logins and we will do update the name servers for you.

It's important to note that using our name servers does not mean that 2mhost become your domain registrar. You still need to renew your domain with your current registrar.

Last update: May 07, 2022 11:40