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Imunify360 security suite now integrated in your 2MHost cPanel

Imunify360 is the next-generation security solution developed specifically for hosting web servers. Its highly effective machine learning technology processes information on a global scale and constantly improves, using insights collected from servers all over the world. Imunify360 utilizes a six-layer approach to provide total protection against threats.

2MHost makes Imunify360 available in all servers since months, however, it was running in background scan website and silently clean infected files.

Imunify360 is now integrated in each website hosting cPanel, You can now check the scan history of your website and see if any of your website files are identified as malware, check if they are cleaned or quarantined. You can also configure how Imunify360 will deal with infected files and set an ignore-list for false positives. 

Last update: Oct 13, 2020 13:15