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Security alerts: Do not open these e-mails

We noticed an increased number of phishing attacks that try to steal your email login information.

Phishing involves an e-mail message sent to as many e-mail addresses as the fraudster/s can obtain, claiming to come from a us (2MHost), cPanel or from your hosting account. The e-mail contains requests to update personal information or change email passwords, and links to fake websites that look identical, or at least like a legit 2MHost login page or cPanel/webmail login page.

Here are some examples of phishing emails:


Your domain.com mailbox has now significantly exceeded the limit assigned to you. Emails sent to you when your mailbox is in this state are not delivered and each sender should receive a notification of that fact. Please take action now to ensure that your mailbox is brought back under the limit.

What should you do?
Please login to your webmail via email@domain.com's portal here.

Helpdesk@2mhost.com: Password Reset !

Your account email@domain.com password expires today 9/08/2021
Please kindly use the button below to continue with the same password.

Link to phishing website

If you get any of such emails, please delete and do not click on any links on them, if you already clicked on such links and filled in your password then immediately login to your cPanel and change the mailbox password.

and remember not to let spammers find your email addresses, this is the best way to reduce the number of spam and phishing messages.

Last update: Jun 24, 2022 14:46