How do I configure a mail client in Mac OS?

How do I configure a mail client in Mac OS?

Most email applications only need the following information:

POP3/Incoming Mail Server: (replace '' with your domain).

SMTP/Outgoing Mail Server: Use the setting for the outgoing mail server provided by your ISP or (replace '' with your domain).

Account Name: Whole email address (not what just appears before the '@' symbol )

Password: The password that you entered while adding the POP3 account from the control panel interface
POP3/Incoming port: 110
SMTP/Outgoing port: 25 or 26
Enable "My server requires authentication" option.

If you want to use IMAP, then you need to update the following in your mail client settings:

1. Select IMAP as your incoming mail server.
2. Enter port no ‘143' as the Incoming mail (IMAP) port and the rest of the configuration will stay the same.

*If you don't want to delete the emails from the server, then you need to check with your Mac for this option: "Leave a copy of message on server". If you leave this option unchecked, then all the emails will be downloaded from your

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