How to read/send email with SSL secure access

How to read/send email with SSL secure access

You need to do the following to make your Outlook (or any mail client) use a SSL secure connection:

1. Find your server name under the 'Server & DNS' tab in your admin panel

( in the screen shot below is just a sample. Please use the actual server name in your admin panel):

2. Use the server name as a mail server, instead of 'mail.domain' or the server IP.

*The image below shows how to change the mail server in Outlook.

3. Check the option  'This server requires a secure connection ' for incomming and outgoing mail.

* The image below shows how this can be done in Outlook  (Outlook > Tools > Accounts > pick an account > properties > Advanced Tab):

Use port 25 or 26 for SMTP, and port 995 for POP3. If you use IMAP, then use port 993.

Last update on: 2009-09-29 05:13:22