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How to get SSL installed on your website

You can order a SSL certificate directly from your admin panel » Sales & Accounting  »  Add extra resource. Some packages (like reseller packages) come with free SSL.

Once you order the SSL, we will ask you for the following information in order to issue a CSR (certificate signing request) and RSA key. If you ordered a package with free SSL, please open a support request from your admin panel and send the following information:

  • Country (2 letter abbreviation)
  • State
  • City
  • Company Name
  • Company Division
  • Email
  • Choose a Password
  • Valid and complete phone number.

Then, we will create an email account at admin@yourdomain, which will receive SSL verifications. Using this CSR, we will issue the SSL for you from RapidSSL/GeoTrust and will install it directly on your account. This process takes 1 business day (on average).

We can also install your own SSL. In that case, you will provide us with your SSL, its key (RSA) and a dedicated IP must be assigned to your hosting account. You can order a dedicated IP directly from your admin panel » Sales & Accounting  »  Add extra resource.


*For business accounts: To install the free SSL provided by 2MHost, you need to order a dedicated IP before installing the SSL.

In all the above cases:

*The domain must be pointing to our server.

* For all the VPS accounts and shared accounts (other than reseller accounts) we install SSL for the account's main domain name only.

written by:Norman, on:2009-10-12 14:35:34