I am getting a 404 error!

Error number 404 signifies a "Page not found error". This means the webpage (or file) you are trying to access was not found on the server. This might happen for the following reasons :

1. You have mis-typed the spelling of the page you are trying to access.
Example : You wanted to access "http://www.domain.com/index1.html", but you typed "http://www.domain.com/indx1.html". This will cause a 404 error to display in your browser because the page "indx1.html" was not found On the server.

2. You have not uploaded the page to the public_html folder yet.

3.  2MHost uses Linux based web servers and in Linux, file names are case-sensitive. So, if you uploaded a file called Index1.html and tried to access it as domain.com/index1.html (note the I and i), you will get a 404 error. It's highly recommended to make all file names lowercase and to not use spaces or non-english characters in file names, to avoid such errors.
Last update on: 2009-10-12 14:39:08