Getting a red (x) in place of images

Getting a red (x) in place of images

If you see a red X in place of images, that means your browser can't find the image you specified in your HTML code.  This can happen for three main reasons:

1.  You did not upload your images yet!
2.  You have uploaded them in the wrong location, or under the wrong name.
3.  Your HTML code needs fixed.

Our servers run on Linux; therefore, it's not recommended to use spaces in filenames. Linux is also case-senstive, which means that linux reads capitals and lowercase letters make a difference when used in file names. It is best to use only lowercase letters in file names.

For example: if your HTML code says:

<img src="/images/File.gif">

and you uploaded file.gif, the server will treat it as a different file because the "F" in "File" is a different case.

In some cases, the image path in HTML will point to the user's local computer, so the page can be opened with no problems in the user's computer, but not on internet (or for others). For example:

WRONG code (image location points to local computer):

<img src="file:///C:/Documents and Settings/IBM/Desktop/2m/images-2/mt.jpg" />


<img src="images-2/mt.jpg" />

A red X will appear whenever the server can't find an image. Right click on the red X and choose "Properties". This will show you the link to the image so you can track down the problem.

Last update on: 2009-10-12 14:44:08