I want to host my domain on (or switch hosting to) 2MHost. What do I need to do?

I want to host my domain on (or switch hosting to) 2MHost. What do I need to do?

Using Your Current Domain Name With 2MHost.com:

  • If you have registered your domain name elsewhere and would like to host it with 2MHost, then you need to point your domain to our name servers. This way, your domain will be hosted by 2MHost, but will stay registered with (and be renewed by) your current registrar.
  • You can also transfer your domain registration to 2MHost if you would like, in that case 2MHost will be your domain name registrar, but this is not required.


Moving hosting accounts from old host:

We can copy your hosting account (files, emails, databases) directly and AS IS, from your old web hosting to your 2MHost account if your original hosting account meets the following conditions:

  1. Your old hosting uses cPanel™.
  2. Your old hosting account  is still active (not suspended). 
  3. You have the correct user name and password of your old hosting account

If the above conditions apply to you then you can submit a ticket from your admin panel > 'Support' , and provide us with your old hosting account username and password, and we will take complete care of copying the hosting account for you.

Do not know if you are using cPanel™ or not?
To check if you are using cpanel or not with your old hosting account you can try accessing your account using your domain name with port 2082 before updating the nameservers as follows:


or by accessing your account using the old server ip with port 2082:


* Replace 'your_domain_name' with your real domain name .
* Replace 'old_server_ip' with your old hosting account server ip. .

If you receive a dialogue window asking for a username and password, then you are using cPanel and we can move your website files and emails to your 2MHost account.

  • If your old web host doesn’t use cPanel, then you will need to download the files from your website to your computer, by using any FTP client software (like cuteFTP or FileZilla). Next, you will have to upload those files from your computer to your 2MHost account, by using the same FTP client, or by using the “File Manager” tool in your 2MHost account’s cPanel.
  • You will also need to re-create your email accounts on your 2MHost account’s cPanel, plus re-add (or change) any other account settings.
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