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Super User Discount Level

Super User Discount Level is the number of points calculated depending on the number of active accounts listed in your Super User account and the package of each account.

Each range of points entitles you to a discount percentage on new orders as shown in the table below. Account renewal order discounts are calculated based on either the current super user discount level or the discount level at the time the account was created whichever is less. For more information please read the Terms and Notes section below.

How the Super User discount level is calculated:

Each hosting account under your Super User will get a number of points depending on the package. The table below shows this:

Package name Points
Personal+ 1
All-Inclusive 2
Business 3
Business II 5

For example:

If you have 5 Personal+ hosting accounts and 3 Business accounts, then your Super User Discount Level will be (5 X 1 + 3 X 3 = 14) points.

How we calculate the discount on new orders:

Each range of points generates an automatic discount percentage on each new order you place, this discount will be calculated as follows:

Discount Level Points Discount percentage
less than 5 points no discount
5-9 points 5% discount
10-19 points 10% discount
20-24 points 15% discount
25-29 points 20% discount
30 points and more 25% discount


Terms & Notes:

  • Your current discount level always is automatically applied for new account orders.
  • For order renewals the discount percentage is calculated upon the current discount level or the discount level at the time the account was created whichever is less. So, if you got a 20% discount at the time you ordered one of your hosting accounts, and your current super user discount level is 10%, you will get a 10% when renewing this account.
  • If the hosting account is suspended due to late payments, then the discount level to this account will be set to 0% thus you will not be eligible to get any discount level when renewing this account.
  • Moving a hosting account between Super Users will reset the discount percentage for this hosting account to 0%, For example: If you have with a 15% discount and move it from one Super User account to another Super User account, the discount  percentage for will be reset to 0%.
  • 2MHost reserves the right to modify the program or cancel it at any time for all or some users. We reserve the right in order to protect the system against usage abuse.

written by:Norman, on:2010-04-06 11:00:27