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Q: How can I use my add-on domain as my account's main domain name?

There are 2 ways this is possible:

1. Your account will expire soon.

In this case:

1. You need to order a new account for your add-on domain.
2. Upload your files to the new account using any FTP client, or by using the File Manager tool in your cPanel.
3. Update the add-on domain nameservers (DNS) to the nameservers mentioned in your new account admin area.
4. Cancel your old account using the cancellation form in your old account admin area>>'sales & accounting' link.

2.Your account is new, or will not expire for a few months.

In this case:

1. Create a backup of your add-on domain files.
2. Remove the add-on domain from your cPanel.
3. Submit a ticket from your admin area and we will change your account's main domain name to your add-on domain.


  • If we are your current domain registrar and you still need to keep your old domain, then you need to transfer the old domain to another registrar.
Last update on: 2010-04-14 05:16:04