BoxTrapper disabled

We are sorry to inform you that BoxTrapper has been disabled in all servers.

Like you know, BoxTrapper works by sending a verification message back to the email address listed as the sender of a message. Until the sender of the message replies to this verification message with the proper response, the message is prevented from reaching your inbox. 

The common tactic for spammers is to forge their SPAM using a legitimate source address. The spammer sends your Boxtrapper-enabled email address an email with a forged email address in the "From" field, for instance, BoxTrapper then sends a verification email with the contents of the original email inline to Whenjohn receives this email that he knows nothing about, he thinks it's SPAM, he sticks it in his junk folder, and the result is that you are blamed for the SPAM. This is called backscatter.

Backscatter is a very large problem for email providers like gmail and hotmail and is highly penalized by blacklists and email reputation providers. We have stopped BoxTrapper becuae it enables this behavior and has been the direct cause of the MOST cases when our servers get blacklisted.

To deal with spam you can:

  1. Use SpamAssassin function in your cPanel.
  2. Use Email filitering in your cPanel and/or your mail client.
  3. use SpamExpert the advanced spam filter addon:

    and you can order it from your admin area of the hosting account > Manage Extras / Addons
    Please note that SpamExpert only protect the main domain in the hosting account
  4. In general, Never write your email address explicitly in your website pages, this is the number one source of your email address to be targeted by spammers

Last update on: 2014-03-19 15:47:56