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Domain is offline, domain status: clienthold

ICANN - the governing body for all domain names - has requested that Registrars verify the Registrant (domain owner) email address associated with new domain name registrations. Also, ICANN has mandated that Registrars verify registrant information after domain name Registrant First Name, Last Name, or email address modification

So, after a new domain registration, or after you change the first name, last name or email address associated with your domain name, you will receive an email address at your domain registrant new email address stating that registrar recognize you have registered the new domain or modified your Registrant First Name, Last Name, or email address information and we will request you verify yourself by clicking on the link in that email.

If you click on the link in the email within 15 calendar days, registrar will accept the Contact as verified. The Registrant is then considered “verified” and will require no further verification.

If you did not verify yourself within the 15 calendar day window, registrar will overtake the DNS of the domain name (website and all services will go offline)  and domain status will be on-hold

Once a Registrant contact has completed the verification process, all future domain names that are updated or registered to this same contact information will not be subject to the verification process.

Q: My domain is offline, how I know that my domain is on-hold?
A: You can use any whois lookup tool, like , the domain status will be:  Status: clientHold

Q: My domain status is clientHold, what to do?
A: first, find out your current email address, go to your admin area > domains > domains overview > click on the domain name to launch the domain name manager > choose 'Contact information tab' you will find the registrant email address

then, go to this mail box, find out the verification message (check the spam/junk box too) and click on the verification link in it.

if this address is no longer valid, then put your current address and click "save contact information", after that, go to the new mail box, find out the verification email and verify it.

the domain will be up immediatly, but due DNS cache, it may take few hours for the domain to be viewable globally

written by:Norman, on:2014-05-25 09:03:26