Hosting KB: Can I combine my hosting accounts into a single reseller account?

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Q: Can I combine my hosting accounts into a single reseller account?

This is possible, but there are a few things you need to consider before taking this action:

  • Usually, we spread hosting accounts over multiple servers. This is a common practice that allows links between websites to have a positive SEO effect. When you combine hosting accounts into a single reseller account, you will lose this advantage. All hosting accounts part of a single reseller account are located in single web server, rather than multiple servers.
  • When you decide to combine hosting accounts, you will give a regular hosting account reseller access. There are 2 ways to move your existing hosting accounts:
    1. Create hosting accounts manually using reseller access, re-upload your files and configure your accounts manually.
    2. Let us copy the accounts into the new reseller account, for a one-time fee. This fee varies and depends on the number of websites and the size of each account.
  • Once the hosting accounts are moved into your reseller account, you will re-point your domains to the DNS of the reseller server, or you may use your own private DNS.
  • If we are the registrar of the individual domains, then we will create an Enom reseller account for free, and we will move your domains into this reseller account, so you can manage them and renew them on your own. After that, you can use the Enom reseller account to register new domains.
  • If we registered your domain under OpenSRS, then we will give you individual access to each domain for you to manage.
  • A discount can be given to prorate your individual hosting accounts during unused months.
  • Finally, if you want to combine your hosting accounts to make it easier to manage them, then it's better to have Super User to manage them all. Super User gives you an automatic discount on your next order.
Last update on: 2010-10-09 11:24:12