Happy Hosting Tips!

Welcome to 2MHost.com. For the best hosting experience, please take a note with the following:

1. E-mail is the only method we use to contact you:

We will use E-Mail to notify you about renewal dates, abuse reports and everything else. We will use the E-<ail address we have stored for you in our DB (the address(es) you entered during the order process), so make sure that you address is up to date and add no_reply@2mhost.com and sales@2mhost.com to your email's white list (or "safe" list), if you are using any type of spam protection software, so that our messages are not lost.

You can update your email address from your admin area > Profile menu (right top menu with your first name) > Login & Password

2. Choose hard to guess passwords:

Passwords are the first and most effective defense for you, remember to choose hard passwords when you create new e-mail box or FTP accounts, or any thing that need passwords.

Choose passwords with 8 or more characters in length, mix numbers and letters, lower case and upper case and put one or more special characters like $ or &. A good passowrd is something like: Uio0J%u_Yz

If you create an email account, like 'admin@domain.com', with the password 'admin', then you can be sure your email address will be used to send spam the next day!

3. Do not expose your email addresses:

NEVER use the mailto: links, NEVER put your email address on your homepage, or on your contact page. Instead, use contact forms. Today, spammers use search engines to find e-mail addresses in web pages, arrange them in databases and use them to spam you badly. If your email address has a weak password (check the 3rd tip listed above), your mail server will be used to spam others.

4. Will use Wordpress or any other opensource software?

  • If you installed PHP software to try it out like Wordpress and you no longer use it, then simply delete it and its database. If you used the Softaculous installer (the App Installer in cPanel) to install the software, then use Softaculous to delete the installation.
  • When use Softaculous to install a software, there is an option to auto-upgrade the installation .. be sure to use it.
  • When installing a software, always choose a username and password for software administration different than your main hosting account username and password. If your software is compromised, then the attacker will not be able to gain access to the whole hosting account or email.
  • When installing software, avoid using easy to guess login, like username: test and password: test
  • If you installed software and want to continue using it, then keep it up to date (including any themes, plug-ins, widgets), subscribe to the software mailing lists, or RSS feeds, to get any security updates and batch/upgrade your copy of this software as soon as possible.


Last update on: 2017-01-06 10:10:38