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Startup Hosting Package, an alternative to addon domains.

The problem with addon domains:

Addon domains is a way to host multiple domain names in single cPanel account, the addon domains website files are hosted in a folder inside the main hosting account: loads the files from

The problem with addons is the lack of many important features, like to have it's own cPanel access, the lack of the ability to have dedicated IP, SSL certificate, SpamExperts spam filters and more.

Another common problem is when the user want to convert the addon domain to be the main domain in the account and vice versa or when the user want to convert the addon domain to be a full hosting account with it's own cPanel access. Actually we are getting tens of support tickets each month regarding this 2 issues.

The Startup package, the alternative:

To solve the problem of the addon domains 2MHost is introducing the new Startup package, Startup package is a small and very cheap but full function cPanel hosting account, package specifications as following:

1 GB space
Unlimited monthly bandwidth/transfer
2 MySQL database
for $1.00/mo

The Advantages of Startup package:

  • Startup account is a full hosting account with it's own cPanel access.

  • At any time, you can upgrade your startup account instantly from your admin area (no need to contact support) to any bigger package and pay the price difference.

  • You can host your startup account at any data center, there is no relation between your start up account and any other hosting account you may have.

  • You can push the startup accounts between users.

The Startup package's limitations:

  • You can't add more MySQL databases, dedicated IP, SSL certificate or SpamExprt spam filter to Statup package, you need to upgrade it first to any regular package.

  • Startup package does not add any points to your Discount Level points.

  • You can not downgrade any package to be Startup package


To Order:


You can order Startup account from your admin area > Hosting Accounts > Order Startup account or direct from here

written by:Norman, on:2014-10-17 07:33:57