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Litespeed™ web server is here!

We are excited to announce the launch of our first LiteSpeed™ Web Server in New York data center. This setup is part of our ongoing effort to provide 2MHost clients with the web hosting options that they need to grow and succeed.

LiteSpeed (LSWS) is a highly efficient, commercial web server and drop-replacement of the popular Apache web server used by most hosting providers. Compared to Apache, Litespeed offers huge performance improvements through different ways, like its event-driven architecture, which reduces the number of new processes launched by the web server and its PHP API which increases PHP execution performance by up to 50%.

LiteSpeed Hosting for wordpress

Besides the performance boost from LiteSpeed web server, LiteSpeed offers its own server-side caching (LSCache) which stores static copies of dynamically-generated web pages generated by Wordpress and delivers it instantly when needed. And to make LiteSpeed usage even easier, LiteSpeed releases its LSCache plugin for Wordpress. Using cPanel, you can install the plugin and optimize your website with one click.

Compare LiteSpeed Cache to other WordPress plugins

Last update: Jan 05, 2023 16:09