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Update name servrs (DNS) at Dotster.com

Here is how to update your name servers at Dotster.com. Tutorial assumes you have a domain name registered through Dotster.com, and starts from their home page.

Now let's learn how to update our domain name's Name servers settings

Click the "Account Login" link here to sign in to your account.

Enter your username and password, then click "Log In".

Click the "Domain Central" icon.

Click the domain you wish to manage.

Then select the Name servers option here.

Click "Use different name servers", then enter the new name servers and click "Save".

That's it! The domain name's name servers have been updated.

Please note that it could take up to 24 hours for your new name servers to propagate and be recognized across the internet.

Last update: Jun 19, 2020 13:16