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Our Customer Reviews

  • “ Great web service promoting my sculpture on www.cfennell.com- just finished a wave of 60 canoes for Lewis and Clark, currently working on a 63' long guitar for Elvis. Thanks! ”
    Christopher Fennell, Birmingham, US
    Review on Mar 29, 2012 , Client since Apr 23, 2003
  • “ I use 2MHost only for my personal site hosting but the service level is excellent! ”
    Martin Adamec, Wayne, US
    Review on Sep 30, 2018 , Client since Oct 4, 2005
  • “ All around I'm happy. Only one mishap in the past with your server but was resolved. ”
    Todd Williams, Clearwater, US
    Review on Jan 19, 2016 , Client since Feb 26, 2011

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