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Web Hosting Loyalty Program

Discount level is a different type of loyalty program, the discount is calculated based on the number of active hosting accounts you have and the package of each hosting account.
The discount level is not a point system where you earn and spend, it's a discount you will get each time you buy a hosting account or renew it.

How is the discount level calculated?

Buy website hosting account
and earn points

Each time you buy a web hosting account, you earn points, depending on the package. Personal+ package gives you 1 point, while Business X2 package gives you 5.

More points,
higher discount level

You will be given a discount on your new web hosting orders.
The discount level depends on the points you have, for example: 10 points will give you a 10% discount.
You can get up to 25% discount.

Buy more discounted website hosting
and keep the points.

You will be given the discount when you order new hosting accounts, but unlike other programs, you will keep the points and the discount.
For example, if you've reached the 10% discount level, you can order unlimited hosting accounts with a 10% discount.

Renew discounted hosting
at the same discount rate.

If you have a hosting account with a 10% discount, it will be renewed at the same discounted price.

Packages, Points and Discounts

Each hosting account under your user will get you a number of points based on the package.
The table below shows the number of points per package:

Package name Points
Personal+ 1
Personal x2 2
Business 3
Business x2 5

Discount level points generate an automatic discount percentage on your new orders.
This discount will be calculated as follows:

Discount Points Discount Level
0 points no discount
1-9 points 5% discount
10-19 points 10% discount
20-24 points 15% discount
25-29 points 20% discount
30 points and more 25% discount

For example ...

If you have 5 Personal+ hosting accounts and 3 Business accounts, then your Discount Points will be (5 * 1 + 3 * 3) 14 points. This gives your next order a 10% discount.

Terms & Notes

  • You receive your discount automatically on your new hosting orders, no coupons are required, just make sure to be logged-in to your user area before ordering.

  • For hosting renewals, the discount percentage is calculated upon the current discount level or the discount level at the time the account was created whichever is less. For example, if you got a 20% discount at the time you ordered one of your hosting accounts, and your current user discount level dropped to 10% (due to closing hosting accounts), you will get a 10% discount when renewing this account.

  • If the hosting account is suspended due to late payment, then the discount level to this account will be set to 0%, thus you will not be eligible to get any discount level when renewing this account.

  • Moving a hosting account between users will reset the discount percentage for this hosting account to 0%. For example: If you have domain-a.com with a 15% discount and pushed from one user to another, the discount percentage for domain-a.com will be reset to 0%.

  • 2MHost reserves the right to modify the program or cancel it at any time for all or some users. We reserve the right in order to protect the system against usage abuse.

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  • “Economical for me as a small time user with limited views but needing a good way to may my schedule available to the web”
    Mark Waldron, Roanoke, US
    On Nov 20, 2018
  • “Great service and great people!”
    David Hernandez, Lemont, US
    On May 21, 2012
  • “Have had absolutely no problems with the service. ”
    Paul Saunders, Alexandria, US
    On Feb 17, 2011
  • “The hosting is reliable, and I've not had a problem a single time in all the years we've been using them - which is well over 10 years. We are a non-profit, so every penny we can save helps us with our mission. Thanks to 2MHost, we are able to supply scholarships in the name of a fallen hero and friend.”
    Amanda Marxen, North Wilkesboro, US
    On Aug 1, 2022

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