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What are HTTPS and SSL?

HTTPS is the secured version of standard unsecured HTTP protocol. These protocols are used to transfer data between your website and your visitor's browser & the 'S' at the end of HTTPS means that data transfer is secured and encrypted.

The SSL Certificate is a small file that binds a cryptographic key to your website. When the SSL certificate is installed on your website hosting account, it activates the green lock in the browser's address bar and activates the https protocol, allowing secure data transfer from your website and your website visitor's browser.


Reasons to use SSL Hosting?



Transfer all information, including email, encrypted between computers and users. Protect yourself and your visitors from data theft.



Google and other major search engines favor SSL secured websites. SSL protection is an official search engines ranking factor.


Website Credibility

In July 2018, Google Chrome, the most used browser world wide will mark any website without SSL certificate installed as "not secure".


Earn Trust

Green lock visual cues assist in building trust with your visitors which leads to greater conversions and sales.

Why SSL web hosting from 2MHost?

Free for all hosting plans and websites


Wildcard SSL certificate support.

SSL security for Website and E-Mail

100% Automated installation and renew

Compatible with all major browsers

Boost Google search ranking

What SSL can't do?

HTTPS and SSL only protect data transfer by encrypting it between the website (server) and the browser (user).

HTTPS and SSL will not protect your hosted files or your computer, will not protect your website if you are using files that already contain malware and will not protect your website against hackers attacks if you are using an old version of open-source software like Wordpress, Themes or Plugins.

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