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Pre-sales FAQ

I want to switch my website to 2MHost, what do I need to do?

Moving website from another hosting provider to 2MHost requires 2 steps:

1. Pointing or transferring your domain:

You need to point your domain to our name servers. That way, your domain will be hosted by 2MHost, but the domain will stay registered with (and be renewed by) your current registrar.

Optionally, you can transfer your domain registration to 2MHost. In that case, 2MHost will be your domain name registrar.

2. Moving your website from the current host:

We can copy your hosting account including files, e-mails and databases directly and as is from your current web hosting provider to your 2MHost account if your original hosting account uses cPanel™, still active (i.e not suspended) and you have the correct username and password.

If the above conditions apply, then you can contact us using the form below and provide us with your old hosting account username and password (cPanel logins). Place the hosting order and we will take care of copying your website, e-mail and databases for you.

Can I buy a cheaper plan now, and upgrade later?

Yes, you can upgrade instantly at any time and you simply pay the difference between the two plans. You can always downgrade the package just before it's renewal date.

Prices initially look cheap, but what are the renewal rates?

Most web hosts use a low introductory price to attract customers and dramatically increase the price for those who renew their service.

At 2MHost, we appreciate your continued business with us, we offer a lifetime Price Lock Guarantee. You get unlimited renewals at the price you sign up for today - guaranteed.

Customers Reviews

  • “I started using 2MHost for one site several years ago now. I have been so consistently impressed that I have migrated several of my other sites from more expensive hosting companies, and am starting all new projects (such as this one) with them. When I have questions they are responsive, helpful and knowledgeable. When they make changes or do maintenance they are fantastic about keeping me in the loop far in advance, and they follow through. I couldnt ask for more, and am honestly impressed!”
    Eli Ladd, Brunswick, US
    On Sep 20, 2015
  • “I had a referral many years ago and have enjoyed wonderful service. I see no reason to change my service. The technical support is especially good and fast when I need it. Thanks ”
    colleen metz, westbank, CA
    On Feb 8, 2012
  • “Excellent service for a very affordable package at a reasonable price!”
    Lailoken S., San Francisco, US
    On Dec 9, 2015
  • “Good value for a non-commercial "ego-site"”
    William Babbitt, Kailua Kona, US
    On Jun 14, 2018

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