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Our Customer Reviews

  • “ Was recommended to you by a friend, and was very glad I was. Rate all the service very highly but what I like the most is the support - quick and know what they're talking about! ”
    Helen Lee, St Ives, GB
    Review on Nov 20, 2017 , Client since Nov 27, 2010
  • “ I've used 2MHost now for a long time with continued reliability and great support. ”
    Steven Callicott, Colorado Springs, US
    Review on Nov 29, 2015 , Client since Jan 15, 2005
  • “ I have been using 2MHost for over 10 years. Reliable, yet inexpensive hosting. I have found none better! ”
    Steve Gouge, Kansas City, US
    Review on Dec 4, 2017 , Client since Dec 23, 2015

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