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Our Customer Reviews

  • “ Anyone wishing to project a professional image should consider using your service. ”
    Lisa Albertson, Alachua, US
    Review on Jan 17, 2011 , Client since Feb 21, 2007
  • “ I can routinely bring up my website and send email through my email server faster than most much larger companies' websites appear and their email servers deliver messages. Outages have been very minimal over the past 15 years or so. When there is a problem, tech support is always prompt and capable.
    I highly recommend 2MHost. ”
    Robert Lathrop, Johnson City, US
    Review on Jan 27, 2017 , Client since Feb 17, 2005
  • “ Responsibility, security in the servers, convenience, weekly backups and closeness of the owners with the business and its clients. ”
    Javier Marchant, Las Condes, CL
    Review on Jan 16, 2017 , Client since Jan 24, 2014

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