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Our Customer Reviews

  • “ Been using 2MHost for years. Reliable and a good value for hosting. ”
    Leslie Cary, Elk Grove, US
    Review on Apr 3, 2018 , Client since Apr 20, 2017
  • “ I have been a customer since you first started and I am very pleased.....I used other services and managed my own server before going with 2MHost and am very glad I switched to you way back when.....great job, keep up the good work.

    jim ”
    James W, Canyon Country, US
    Review on Sep 1, 2012 , Client since Sep 27, 2001
  • “ I started with Unixhoster and later was transfered to 2MHost. I like the "do it yourself" type of no frills web hosting and I don't need to pay extra for a "Too Hot for the Superbowl Ad". ”
    Joseph Pelton, Canton, US
    Review on Mar 17, 2010 , Client since Jan 1, 2001

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